Welcome to Kuching, Sarawak

Kuching: the capital of Sarawak,  is situated at the banks of the Sarawak River in Borneo island.  The population of  1 million is made up of Malays, Dayaks, Chinese,  Indians and other ethnic groups. It is impossible to really enjoy Kuching from the air-conditioned tour bus. To make the most of your visit you must put on your walking shoes, take to the streets and join in.


Population and The People : Sarawak has a population of  2 Millions. Kuching is around half a million making it the highest populated city in Sarawak and the 7th highest populated in Malaysia. Kuching is a cosmopolitan city, and this is reflected in the faces on the streets. Whilst the population is predominantly Chinese and Malay, Kuching is home to people from virtually all of Sarawak's 26-plus ethnic groups. As well as Bidayuhs (formerly known as Land Dayaks) and Ibans (Sea Dayaks), you are sure to encounter Melanaus from the coastal areas and Orang Ulu, the collective name given to the smaller indigenous Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit, Berawan, Lun Bawang, Penan, etc. All are thoroughly modern Malaysians nowadays though many of the rural people still live in longhouse communities.

Iban Longhouses - Sarawak
Gawai Padi - the collect festival on the Iban in June every single 12 months. June could be the most effective time of yr to venture in to the Batang Ai area and remain in the conventional Iban longhouse.

Lemanak  River Iban Longhouse

About 230km from Kuching, 4 hours overland trip & another 45 minutes by motorized longboat to reach 'Nanga Kesit' Iban longhouse. Tour the longhouse, sample the rice wine and witness cultural dances, cock fighting and blowpipe demonstration. Overnight at longhouse and ] return to Kuching the nest day. Inclusive of 1 breakfast, 2 lunch & 1 dinner

Conducted tour from local travel agent available at RM 400-500 for 2D/1N

Kuching (Kucing) also is known as cat city , due to the fact in Malay Village , Kuching can be a cat . Early on, the city has a lot of cats, locals started to phone it pussy cat city . Kuching (kuching) may be the capital of Sarawak much more states , but in addition the gateway into Sarawak Ministry of Vietnam , while the city is found during the tropical jungles of Borneo , but not everything you imagined at the rear of , within the contrary , is really a modern-day Kuching worldwide cities , fundamental amenities, but stays green and plush. Kuching 's population of about 450,000 , additionally to Chinese and Malay vast majority , there are actually other ethnic minorities this kind of because the Iban , therefore Kuching is often a melting pot of all ethnic teams .

In Kuching , Mandarin and dialects this kind of as Hokkien pretty available , additionally, Malay and English would be the official language . Kuching has promised to appeal to vacationers sights, such as the entire world -class museum , also as nostalgic temperament monuments. In Kuching city features a five-star global hotel, but in addition very affordable and Pensions ; irrespective of your dimension in the hotel , can present you with relaxed accommodations , and 24 hrs to the site visitors to consume, drink , be merry degree appreciate , very good support, permitting you to come to feel at your home. Positioned in Kuching , you may satisfy their appetites , no matter if Chinese, Western, Malay foods, Japanese meals, Korean meals plus a range of genuine snacks are all the things , to select from right here , specially plump fresh seafood , mouth-watering .

Kuching includes a special and pleasing tourist sights , from Kuching to various nationwide parks can ; gading Giant Mountains Nationwide Park is really a big flower " Rafflesia " bloom on the land, Bako Nationwide Park is property proboscis monkey ; Cuba Park treasured uncommon palm trees and orchids identified, there Madang safari . You will discover countless seats close to Kuching Iban and Bidayuh tribe longhouse . Damai Resort , close to Santubong Peninsula, Sarawak 's most important tourist points of interest, this kind of since the Sarawak Cultural Village , several travel agents must supply " two accommodation " ? Travel packages , making it possible for site visitors to discover Kuching 's a lot more than is often to your longhouse , Bako Park rainforests, and after that resting around the seaside , climbing mountains or to reduce fatigue right after the cross-country stroll .